CSO Django Treviso

Bologna Violenta

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CSO Django Treviso

  • Date: 01 - Ott - 2016
  • Time: 21:00
  • Location: Treviso
  • Venue: CSO Django


Per il secondo sabato di apertura del Django noi la pensiamo così, sul nostra palco rivoluzionato ci saranno:

– Captain Mantell:
The final flight of Captain Thomas F. Mantell Jr. is considered as the first human death attributed to a UFO
Captain Mantell project was funded in 2006 by finding out the homonimy
between the singer Tommaso Mantelli and Captain Thomas Mantell,
first pilot died chasing an UFO.
The reinterpretation of his story is the thread of the four previous albums of the band.
Each album is a chapter starting with the chase of the UFO to being lost in the infinite space.
After all the Captain returns on Earth and shocked by all the changes occurred during his absence
begins a long journey looking for his own actual roots…

– BOLOGNA VIOLENTA un progetto di Nicola Manzan, trevigiano classe 1976, polistrumentista, negli ultimi anni ha lavorato in studio e dal vivo con molte band del panorama musicale italiano e internazionale.

– Matteo Costa dj set, direttamente dalla famiglia Garrincha Dischi! Produttore (Lo Stato Sociale, L’orso, L’officina della camomilla,Brace,33ore), musicista (LE-LI, 4fioriperzoe, COSTA!) e fondatore di Garrincha Dischi.

apertura cancelli ore: 21.00